Please Sir, please may I play, I’ve been a good little girl all day Sir, please…
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Long Length Dress
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stylish chiffon skirt ✿ (9 colors)
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J.Lo and Iggy bonding over their bootay on House of Style.
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September! The most tasteful month in the calendar, and time again for Tumblr to fling a covey of bloggers at New York Fashion Week. Beginning today and starring:
Tracy Bailey 
Sam Hessamian 
Grant Legan 
Masha Maltsava 
John McLaughlin 
Jillian Mercado 

Kate Owen
Anthony Urbano 
You can find even more Fashion Week coverage by searching NYFW, TumblrNYFW, MBFW, and MilkMade. Go now, have a blast.

Photo by itsmashaphoto